• I was thinking today about the possibility of disambiguation pages for the movies that multiple groups have riffed.  As it stands, there's the possibility for confusion I think.  The standard so far seems to be to have a main page for a movie when RiffTrax riffs it, than a secondary page for iRiff groups with the group listed in the page title.  For example The Wizard of Oz for RiffTrax and The Wizard of Oz (Ronin Fox Trax) for my riff.  I noticed that the QuipTracks page doesn't link to separate pages yet, and the only links in their Riffography section are to movies RiffTrax has also done and the links are to the RiffTrax pages.

    I see two possible alternatives:

    1-Combine the pages into one.  In my above example The Wizard of Oz would only have one page, with one synopsis and cast list etc, but with refferences to both riffs.

    2-A separate disambiguation page with subpages.  The Wizard of Oz page may or may not have the basic information of the movie, and a list of links to the specific riffs, one of which would be The Wizard of Oz (RiffTrax), and the other The Wizard of Oz (Ronin Fox Trax).

    As of now, I'd lean toward the first option.  I think it would be easier to add the information on multiple groups that way, though it might mean changing the format a little bit, moving the samples out of the synopsis to go with the group information.

    What do you think?

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    • I'd like to keep the emphasis of riffs instead of the movies themselves, so I think disambiguation pages are the way to go. I'd like everybody to have their own presence and not have to share space with other groups. Plus I feel it'll give people building their own presence more freedom to write things up they way they would like. I'll set up some disambiguation pages in the style of the series pages and see how they work.

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    • This is what I'm leaning towards. It's clean, clears up confusions and allows everybody their own space. In addition to linking to the individual riff pages, it links to all the external riffs and the Amazon page so people can just buy all they want right from the disam. page. What do you think?

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    • I also cleaned up the QuipTracks page by giving them all the (QuipTracks) tag. After all the Comic Con stuff is over I'll draw up a more clear manual of style and guide for iRiffers building their own presence. I think it's important for everybody to have their own space on the Wiki, so nobody's riff overshadows another's. We all work very hard of riffs and they are all totally different experiences than other riffs of the same movie, and they deserve their own pages, methinks. But you also make excellent points about combining them, so I think this kind of disambiguation is a good mix of the two suggestions. It clears up confusion, works as a hub for the film itself, provides links to ALL external pages, and it allows everybody to keep their own space.

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    • I also think that we should list the other riffs of each film with multiple riffs in the "Notes" section.

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    • Looks great.  I like it!

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    • A FANDOM user
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