The Sons of Hercules: The Land of Darkness
Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released November 1, 2011

Hercules the Invincible (Italian: Ercole l'invincibile) is a 1964 Italian Sword and Sandal film directed by Alvaro Mancori and Lewis Mann and starring Dan Vadis. It is the first of two directing credits for cinematographer Alvaro Mancori. The film is also known as Son of Hercules in the Land of Darkness; this title was for a series of similar films repackaged for television, The Sons of Hercules. The film reuses footage and music from Hercules and other films in the genre. RiffTrax released their riff in November 2011.

Description and PreviewEdit

Best of RiffTrax Sons of Hercules Land of Darkness05:40

Best of RiffTrax Sons of Hercules Land of Darkness

Hercules saves a woman named Telca from a lion and arrives in triumph in her village. Telca's father King Tedaeo offers Hercules Telca's hand in marriage, if he brings back the tooth of a dragon. Hercules seeks help from a witch who gives him a spear that will kill the dragon but wants the same tooth as her reward. As Hercules has promised the tooth to King Tedaeo the witch warns him that the magic of the tooth will only work once.

In Hercules' absence Telca's village has been pillaged with all the survivors save Babar the comedy relief, are taken as prisoners to the Demulus, a tribe that lives inside a mountain and eats the hearts of their prisoners.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Dan Vadis as Ercole (Argolese)
  • Spela Rozin as Telca
  • Carla Calò as Ella, Queen of the Demulus
  • Ken Clark as Kabol, Melissia's Father
  • Jon Simons as Babar
  • Jannette Barton as Etel
  • Ugo Sasso as King Tedaeo, Telca's Father
  • Howard Ross as Telca's Brother
  • Olga Solbelli as The Oracle
  • Alberto Cevenini as Capt. of the Guard
  • Rosemarie Lindt as Slave Girl
  • Kriss Moss as Guard
  • Jannette Le Roy as Slave Girl
  • Sara Laurier as Slave Girl
  • Christine Mathius as Slave Girl



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