The FilmEdit

Chandu Chapter 7 Poster

Chandu Short poster.

1934's The Return of Chandu was a 12-chapter action/mystery serial starring Bela Lugosi as Frank Chandler, aka Chandu the Magician. In an earlier serial, 1932's Chandu the Magician, the role of Chandu had instead been played by Edmund Lowe.

What to say about Chandu? That he is one of the most action-less action heroes in cinema history? That he can't go for ten minutes without either falling in a hole or bumping his head? That most of the serial's story seems to proceed pretty much the same way whether or not he's in the scene?

All of those are good points, but what is probably most important to mention is that poor Bela seems entirely lost in the role. It's as if the director said to him, "No, Bela, this time you're a GOOD guy!" and then the poor fella just drew a complete blank. Mr. Lugosi seems to equate "nice guy" with "entirely lacking in personality", which is unfortunate, as he is around for TWELVE CHAPTERS.

Fortunately for the Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch, they were only responsible for riffing one out of twelve chapters, as this riff was part of a group project done for the iRiff section at The rest of the suffering (the hilarious, hilarious suffering) was spread among many other iRiff groups.

The WraparoundEdit

There wasn't much to say this time. Johnny explained to the ghosts that Grim had a special project he wanted them to work on (much like the real-life Chandu group riff project), and that they had to watch this short film before they went to bed.

The gang proceeds to joke through the serial chapter. Things get ugly, however, when Becky actually begins to get interested, only to be told by Johnny that they not only were supposed to watch just the one chapter, but they can only watch that one, because they weren't given the others. 

"That went pretty well," Johnny remarks, after Becky has dumped a giant tub of popcorn on his head and stomped out of the room.

Trailer - The Return of Chandu Chapter 7 - Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch02:56

Trailer - The Return of Chandu Chapter 7 - Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch


The Chandu Group iRiff Project was made up of the following groups, FireRiffs, Toast and Rice, Team Swizzlebeef, Ralph and Rick, Drawback Productions, Rabbit Ears, Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch, The One Man Riffing Crew, BEMaven, The Turkey Shoot with Scott Zee, Sinsurround Theater, and One Man Band and OneWallCinema (in a dual riff). All of the chapters are still currently available (as of June of 2014), and can be found on the project page at

BEMaven designed a general poster template for the riffs, to which individual groups could then add their own additional artwork or screengrabs. Most of the iRiff groups participating in the project, including Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch, used his template, for which he deserves credit and thanks.


Short - The Return of Chandu - Chapter Seven: Mysterious Magic is a Video On Demand (VOD) riff, which means that the riffs are overlayed over an actual video of the film in question, which can be downloaded by the user and watched. The animated intro and epilogue are attached at the appropriate spots.

The reason this is possible with VOD episodes is because the films chosen for these releases are Public Domain releases; the general public has the right to use copies of these movies.

It is available for purchase at or at

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