The Pumaman
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Riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000
Riffers Mike Nelson, Tom Servo played by Kevin Murphy, Crow T. Robot played by Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released April 4, 1998 (MST3K), November 2, 2015 (RiffTrax)

The Pumaman (L'uomo puma, in Italian) is an Italian-produced English-language movie about a superhero of the same name, released in 1980. It was riffed by Mystery Science Theater 3000 and aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in April 1998. Along with The Final Sacrifice, the original episode was added to the RiffTrax library in November 2015. They are the first two to be released under RiffTrax's "MST3K Monday" series.

Synopsis and PreviewEdit

Best of MST3K - The Pumaman-009:37

Best of MST3K - The Pumaman-0

[Spoilers Begin]

The villainous Dr. Kobras (Donald Pleasence) has found a golden Aztec mask which he plans to use to control the minds of world leaders, starting with the Dutch ambassador's blond daughter Jane Dobson (Sydne Rome), who had translated the instructions on it for him. However, he fears the interference of the Pumaman, a legendary "man-god" sired by aliens and the protector of the mask whom he believes to be living in nearby London.

After somehow learning that the Pumaman is an American male living in London, Kobras' henchmen begin to test people matching these criteria by throwing them from high windows as only the Pumaman will be able to survive such a fall. Not only is Kobras looking for the Pumaman but so is a large, muscular and mysterious Indian named Vadinho (Miguel Angel Fuentes).

The Pumaman turns out to be mild-mannered young professor Tony Farms (Walter George Alton), an American paleontologist working at the Natural History Museum. Vadinho, who turns out to be a mystic Aztec priest who knew Tony's physician father, confirms Tony’s status as the latest in a line of Pumamen by throwing him out a window. Vadinho then gives Tony a magical golden belt that when worn gives him amazing super powers.

Pumaman ultimately defeats Kobras by crashing the helicopter in which the evil doctor is attempting to flee. Tony then decides to marry the no longer brainwashed Jane while Vadinho returns with the mask to his hidden temple in the Andes in an alien spacecraft.

[Spoilers End]

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Walter George Alton as Prof. Tony Farms / Puma Man
  • Donald Pleasence as Kobras
  • Miguel Ángel Fuentes as Vadinho
  • Sydne Rome as Miss Jane Dobson
  • Silvano Tranquilli as Ambassador Dobson
  • Benito Stefanelli as Rankin
  • Guido Lollobrigida as Kobra's Lieutenant
  • Peter Cellier as Museum Curator
  • Geoffrey Copleston as Sir George Bradley



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