The Alphabet Conspiracy
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"Alphabet Conspiracy, so much fun as you can see. Dancing with the letter A is how I spend my day!" - Dave Chadwick
Riffed by SRD's Movie Night
Riffers Dave Chadwick
Series None
Date Released July 15, 2014

The Alphabet Conspiracy is a 1959 not-quite educational film. A little girl, frustrated by her inability to deal with her English homework, dreams that the Mad Hatter and the Jabberwock, both characters from "Alice in Wonderland", have hatched a conspiracy to abolish the alphabet. SRD's Movie Night released a free riff of the movie in July 2014. This riff includes the shorts Playful Polar Bears and How to Keep a Job.

Full RiffEdit

SRD's Movie Night 2 -- The Alphabet Conspiracy FULL MOVIE-200:00

SRD's Movie Night 2 -- The Alphabet Conspiracy FULL MOVIE-2

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Frank Baxter as Himself
  • Cheryl Callaway as Judy
  • Hans Conried as Mad Hatter
  • Dolores Starr as Jabberwock
  • Shorty Rogers as Himself
  • Stanley Adams as Theatrical Agent
  • Cactus Mack as Cowboy



  • Playful Polar Bears and How to Keep a Job were recorded in May and June of 2011, more than three years before The Alphabet Conspiracy, making them Dave Chadwick's very first riffing projects. They were added to The Alphabet Conspiracy not only to compensate for the film's length (less than 52 minutes,) but also so that they could be canonized in a full length episode of SRD'S Movie Night.
  • The Alphabet Conspiracy was recorded more than a year after the inaugural riff of SRD's Movie Night, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter. Chadwick intended to record Alphabet Conspiracy in July 2013, but the project fell through because he felt the movie was unriffable due to the lack of any real story, which limits the creative direction of jokes. He came back to the project in late June of 2014 and recorded the riff in a total of 4 dedicated riffing days, whereas Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter took over two weeks.

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