Jennifer Hampton (Formerly Jennifer Hicks) portrays the character Shadow, providing the sync-voice for several Ronin Fox Trax releases.  Though never completely defined, the Shadow character was hinted as being a supernatural figure who would magically merge with the movie in order to provide the proper sync for the listener.


Living in Denver, CO, Jennifer is the long-time friend and former roommate of Ronin Fox Trax founder, James Cruise.  Along with her husband, Matthew Hampton (also known as DraCCu) she was included early on in the creation of Ronin Fox Trax releases.  James asked her to provide the syncing for his mp3 tracks, believing that a female voice would stand out better compared to his own.  The name Shadow was taken from Jennifer's common online handle, a common practice for Ronin Fox Trax performers.  The character's supernatural traits were added and accentuated over time, though never fully developed.  Early tracks would feature Jennifer's voice unaltered at all times, but eventually an echo effect was added during the sync lines, to play off the idea of her magically merging with the film.

While James would usually write full introductions, instructions, and conclusions for riffs, Jennifer was encouraged to improvise around the lines, leading to tangents like her obsession with "Sparkly Vampires" that pre-dates the Rifftrax-produced song.

Shadow was the standard sync-voice for Ronin Fox Trax from 2007 until the end of 2009.  During that time she provided sync for every track with the exception of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, as the track was recorded in Ohio and she was unavailable.  That track, as well as 2010's The Wizard of Oz track utilized the alternate sync voice The BS 1000.  James moved out of their shared apartment in 2010, leading to the need for new regular sync voice, Nigel.



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