Rick Sloane
(born August 22, 1961, in Los Angeles, California) is an American cult film maker. He is credited as writer, director, producer, editor and cinematographer of much of his own work. He is perhaps best known for his B-movie-grade, camp horror film Hobgoblins; which was revived during its television airing on Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the hosts were as critical of Sloane as a director as they were to the film itself.

Compared by various film reviewers to other cult directors such as John Waters, Ed Wood and Uwe Boll, Sloane prides himself as a creator of B-movies and wants his films to be appreciated for the "Classics of Trash" that they are.

His lesser known, but bigger budget films include Marked for Murder and Good Girls Don't. Many of his films were top rated when they aired on cable television.

Sloane still does practically everything in all areas of his film making; he is a writer, director, producer, editor and cinematographer. Rick retains creative control over his films by self-producing them. He has never directed a film that he didn't write the script himself. By 25 years old, he directed his first three feature films, Blood Theatre, The Visitants and Hobgoblins.

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