Nightmare at Noon
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Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series Mutant/Nightmare at Noon
Date Released October 23, 2012

Nightmare at Noon is a 1987 not-quite action film directed by Nico Mastorakis. Exposure to a chemically-contaminated water supply turns scientists into raving lunatics who begin terrorizing a tiny desert town. It shares cast members, themes and plot devices with MutantRiffTrax released their riff in October 2012.

Description and PreviewEdit

Best of RiffTrax Nightmare at Noon

Best of RiffTrax Nightmare at Noon

A mysterious albino (Brion James, Steel Dawn) and his goon squad arrive at a small southwestern town and infect the water supply with a virus that turns its victims into green blooded homicidal maniacs who will use anything-cars, guns, knives, fists-to attack everyone around them. At the same time Ken Griffiths (Wings Hauser, Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling), is a yuppie music lawyer is traveling with his wife Cheri (Kimberly Beck, Massacre at Central High) in their Winnebago. They pick up a hitchhiker with a past named Reilly (Bo Hopkins, White Lightning) and stop for breakfast at the local diner. One crazed redneck later, they find themselves helping Sheriff Hanks (George Kennedy, The Concorde) deal with the increasingly violent residents of the town. Can the unlikely heroes figure out what’s going on and stop it before the town goes up in flames?

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Wings Hauser as Ken Griffiths
  • Bo Hopkins as Reilly
  • George Kennedy as Sheriff Hanks
  • Kimberly Beck as Cheri Griffiths
  • Brion James as The Albino
  • Kimberly Ross as Julia
  • Neal Wheeler as Charley
  • David Christiansen as Dr. Miller



  • Nightmare at Noon shares many themes and plots devices with Mutant, an earlier RiffTrax 2012 release also starring Wings Hauser and Bo Hopkins . Kevin Murphy describes Nightmare at Noon as a "sort of weird sideways sequel" to Mutant in Talkin' RiffTrax.

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