Poster for Ronin Fox Trax: Dune featuring Nigel in his official debut riff.

Nigel Thornton Fox III
(Commonly shortened to Nigel) is a talking fox that provides the sync voice for Ronin Fox Trax. Starting as the unnamed mascot of the troupe, Nigel was featured (as a hand puppet) on several posters for Ronin Fox Trax releases before making his in-riff debut in the riff of Dune.

Nigel took over as the standard sync voice for Ronin Fox Trax after Shadow was no longer available, due to distance.

James Cruise provides the voice of Nigel, with a pitch filter applied to make his voice higher. James based the voice vaguely on that of Patrick Stewart, as he had been using the Stewart voice often while riffing Dune. Nigel has since expressed a fondness for Patrick Stewart as an actor to call back to this. It is theorized that Nigel speaks via a machine or voice implant, explaining the unnatural tone of his voice, but this has never been mentioned in a riff.



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