King of Kong Island
Riffed by RiffTrax Presents
Riffers Matthew J. Elliott, Ian Potter
Series None
Date Released August 4, 2014

Kong Island (Original Italian title: Eva, la Venere selvaggia; translated as Eve, the Wild Woman) is a 1968 exploitation film directed by Roberto Mauri. The film was promoted in the U.S as King of Kong Island. RiffTrax Presents released their riff in January 2014. This riff marks the debut of Ian Potter as Matthew J. Elliott's partner.

Plot Synopsis and PreviewEdit

King of Kong Island (RiffTrax Presents) Trailer01:28

King of Kong Island (RiffTrax Presents) Trailer

Spoilers Begin

The story takes place in the jungles of Kenya and its capital city Nairobi. Despite the title, there is no island (and no "Kong"). Mad scientist Albert Muller is experimenting with small radio transmitters implanted in the brains of gorillas that control their minds. These are test subjects with the ultimate goal of doing this to humans.

Diana, daughter of bar owner Theodore (no last name is mentioned) is abducted by apes under Muller's control during a safari. A rescue team led by mercenary adventurer Burt Dawson heads into the jungle to find her. Along the way his group is attacked by hostile natives and Burt is captured. After he escapes, Burt meets a legendary white jungle girl the natives call the Sacred Monkey (In the English dubbed version, he first calls her Eve, but later everyone refers to her as Eva).

Eva is a Tarzan-like orphan who grew up alone in the jungle. She wears only a leather loincloth and her waist-length black hair covers her breasts. She does not speak English but can communicate with animals and has a pet chimpanzee. She has one of Diana's bracelets and eventually leads Burt to a cave where she is being held prisoner by Muller.

Spoilers End

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Brad Harris as Burt Dawson
  • Esmeralda Barros as Eve
  • Marc Lawrence as Albert Muller
  • Ursula Davis as Diana



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