Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf
Episode 1 Poster
Riffed by Ghosts On The Big Brown Couch
Riffers Timothy Tompkins, Charlene Cavalcante, Dori Fleischmann, Catherine Wacha
Series None
Date Released September 25, 2013

Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf was a 1985 sequel to Joe Dante's hit horror film The Howling. Dante's original movie was a stylish, atmospheric, and often humorous modern take on werewolf mythology, whereas Howling II was a quick cash-in with laughable effects, a goofy plot, and unfortunate attempts to inject very 80s music video-style direction and editing.

The WraparoundEdit

Howling II - GOTBBC Episode 1 Trailer05:02

Howling II - GOTBBC Episode 1 Trailer.avi

Episode 1 establishes the premise of Ghosts On The Big Brown Couchas new apartment tenant Johnny meets his ghostly roommates, Babs, Dori, and Becky, and learns of their predicament.

Because the three ladies fell to their death while arguing over what movie to watch (more specifically, fighting because they definitely didn't want to watch The Monster Squad, Becky's favorite film) the Grim Reaper has given sentence that their spirits must remain trapped in the apartment until they find a movie that all three of them truly love. Unfortunately, little do the ghosts know that Grim is cheating by "hacking" Johnny's Cheepflix account: They are now being sent only the worst films ever made.

In spite of the rather rude introductions (there is a nasty game of "You can't hit me but I can hit you" with Dori, and Becky appears for the first time as a rotted corpse, because her fatal head injuries have caused her to frequently forget that she's dead), Johnny agrees to do his best to help out the ghosts. At the end of the episode the group realizes that it is most likely Johnny's vocation as a morgue assistant that has given him the unique ability to see the ghosts.

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