Hollywood After Dark
Riffed by The Film Crew
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released July 10, 2007

Walk the Angry Beach, also known as Hollywood After Dark and The Unholy Choice, is an exploitation film starring Rue McClanahan as a stripper who aspires to become a movie actress, but ends up being exploited by the industry. The Film Crew released their riff in July 2007.


Two outcasts find one another as their lives go into a tailspin in this moody grade-B drama. Tony (Sebastian Gregory, aka Anthony Vorno) is a Navy veteran who was a top man in underwater demolition during his time in the service; now he's trying to put his life back together after a messy divorce and he runs a junkyard that's seen better days. Gangster Nick (Paul Bruce) gets wind of Tony's experiences in the Navy and offers him 10,000 dollars to put his skills to work as part of an armored-car robbery. Tony grudgingly agrees, and arrives at a grimy strip club to seal the deal with Nick. There, Tony meets Sandy (Rue McClanahan), a would-be actress working at the club as a dancer who has been taking heat from the management for her reluctance to bare all on-stage. Tony and Sandy soon fall in love, but good luck doesn't follow them; Sandy falls for the empty casting-couch promises of a shifty screenwriter, and the carefully planned robbery fails to go like clockwork.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Tony Vorno as Tony
  • Rue McClanahan as Sandy
  • John Barrick as Tom
  • Paul Bruce as Nick
  • Ernest Macias as Ernest
  • Lea Marmer as Mrs. McVea
  • Leslie Moorhouse as Shakespearean
  • Doug Rideout as Fitz
  • Joanne Stewart as Patti



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