He-Man She-Ra The Secret of the Sword
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"That'd better be a sword I feel back there." - She-Ra
Riffed by Ronin Fox Trax
Riffers Ronin Fox
Series Masters of the Universe Series
Date Released November 29, 2007

He-Man She-Ra The Secret of the Sword is a 1985 American animated feature film produced by Filmation .  It was directed by Ed Friedman , Lou Kachivas , Marsh Lamore , Bill Reed and Gwen Wetzler and featured the voice talent of John Erwin , Melandy Britt , Alan Oppenheimer , Linda Gary , George DiCenzo , Erica Scheimer and Lou Scheimer .  A spin-off of the popular He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series, the film was made to introduce the character of She-Ra and the other characters and setting associated with her. After a limited theatrical release the film was later re-edited to make the first five episodes of the series She-Ra Princess of Power.

Ronin Fox Trax released their riff of this film in November of 2007 as a free download mp3, available through a link to a DivShare page .  While the riff is not available through iRiffs, Ronin Fox Trax has expressed an interest in releasing an updated version of the riff with new jokes and upgraded sound.

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He-man & She-ra Secret of the Sword Trailer 1

He-man & She-ra Secret of the Sword Trailer 1

Original film trailer

The Sorceress of Greyskull is awoken with visions, and summons Prince Adam to travel through a magical portal and deliver a magic sword to someone he will find on the other side.  Traveling to the world of Etheria, Adam and his companion Cringer find themselves in the middle of a war between the Evil Horde and a band of freedom fighters.  Transforming into He-Man , Adam helps the freedom fighters but is capured in battle by a woman called Force Captain Adora .

While Hordak , the evil leader of the Horde, drains the strength from He-Man and his other captives through magical devices, Adora is awakened by the magic sword that was sent with He-Man.  The Sorceress speaks through it, revealing that Adora is actually the twin sister of Prince Adam, and that she had been kidnapped as a baby and brainwashed by Hordak's magical servent Shadow Weaver .  The magic sword allows Adora to transform into She-Ra, and she rescues He-Man and brings him back to the freedom fighters in order to continue the war and defeat the Hoarde.

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