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Drawback Productions is a husband-and-wife riffing team (Dru and Megan Brock) that are known for their riffs of Fast Five, Die Hard 2 and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Their riff of Girls Just Want to Have Fun was voted number two in the Top 30 iRiffs. They also have an unhealthy obsession with the Michael Landon TV show, Highway to Heaven, having riffed seven episodes so far. ALL proceeds from the sale of their riffs go to Mercy Corps because they feel bad about making fun of Paul Walker so much. However, they do NOT feel bad about making fun of Vin Diesel because he is a reported candy-ass.


Riki Oh: Story of Ricky Edit

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Edit

Highway to Heaven Edit

Features the first four episodes of Season 3: A Special Kind of Love (Parts 1 & 2), For the Love of Larry, and Another Kind of War, Another Kind of Peace.

One Step Beyond: "Epilogue" Edit

Die Hard 2: Die Harder Edit

Dexter: Episode 701 "Are you...?" Edit

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Edit

The Return of Chandu: Chapter 5 Edit

Fast Five Edit

Furious 7 Edit


Highway to Heaven Edit

Meltdown Edit

The Kiss Edit


  • Highway to Heaven: "The Squeaky Wheel" and "Back to Oakland"

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