Dragnet: Ep. 18 - The Big Seventeen
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"We had a fair idea what the root of all the trouble was."

"Elvis Presley's sexy swiveling hips!" - Kyle

Riffed by OneWallCinema
Riffers Kevin & Kyle
Series Dragnet
Date Released Nov. 11, 2008

The Big Seventeen is from the second season of the crime drama television series Dragnet which originally aired on November 6, 1952. OneWallCinema released their Video On Demand (VOD) riff of this episode in November 2008. This was their first publicly released riff.

Synopsis and PreviewEdit

IRiff Dragnet - Ep 18 - The Big 17 promo 201:17

IRiff Dragnet - Ep 18 - The Big 17 promo 2

OneWallCinema: Dragnet - Ep. 18 - The Big 17 promo #2

[Spoilers Begin]

Upper middle-class teenagers in Los Angeles are going crazy. They trash a movie theater, beating up the manager and pushing a young man through a plate glass window. Sergeant Friday must get to the bottom of what is causing this to happen. Spoiler alert, it's drugs. [Spoilers End]

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday
  • Herbert Ellis as Officer Frank Smith (as Herb Ellis)
  • Allene Roberts as Evelyn Maxford
  • Willis Bouchey as Harold Everson Sr. (as Bill Bouchey)
  • Edwin Bruce as Harold Everson Jr.
  • Forrest Lewis as Clyde Barton
  • Vivi Janiss as Frances Demmering
  • Herb Vigran as Jocko Harris


  • This is the city. Two million people, almost a million kids. The people have tried to plan for 'em. They built schools for 'em to learn in; beaches and parks for 'em to play in. Most of the kids follow the course as planned. A few of 'em get lost on the way. When they do, it makes trouble for me. I'm a cop. - Sgt. Joe Friday


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