Matthew Hampton a.k.a. DraCCu is a riffer who has appeared on several Ronin Fox Trax releases.


Living in Denver CO, Matthew is the husband of Jennifer Hampton (also known as Ronin Fox Trax sync-voice Shadow) and the friend and former roommate of Ronin Fox Trax founder James Cruise.  After contributing some jokes to James' first experimental riff, He-Man She-Ra The Secret of the Sword, Matt was invited to record on some early tracks, including the first to feature the Ronin Fox Trax name, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the first to be made available on iRiffs, Star Trek The Motion Picture.  He returned by popular demand on the award winning Masters of the Universe riff.

Matt has not been an active riffer since the release of Masters of the Universe in 2009.


  • "Vulcan looks just like an Ayn Rand book cover."
  • "The raw sexuality drips off the screen like butter...frozen sticks of butter."


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