Cassandra Rucky a.k.a. DeMona is a one time riffer for Ronin Fox Trax, and the older sister of Ronin Fox Trax regular Erica Lyn Cruise (a.k.a. Vamperica)


Cassandra was invited to contribute while she and James and Erica Cruise were living in the same apartment during the production of the Happy Birthday To Me iRiff. It was Erica who first suggested bringing Cassandra in as a riffer, remembering that both sisters were fans of MST3K growing up. James then suggested that they use Cassandra's appearance to mirror the film, which introduced a subplot involving a mysterious sister of the protagonist late in the runtime with no warning. Cassandra named her character DeMona, and depicted her as Vamperica's sister and fellow vampire. She was introduced late in the riff, as the climax of the film approached.



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