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Darth Geek is the online name used by Ryan Downey on the Rifftrax Forums.

Rifftrax ForumsEdit

A regular contributor to the Rifftrax Forums since 2007. He has distinguished himself most notably by his fandom of many of the iRiff groups. He often does reviews of iRiffs he watches on the iJust Finished Watching thread of the Forum. Darth Geek has run two separate Top iRiffs Lists of Forum members' favorites.

Darth Geek has contributed writing riffs to several iRiffs for various groups.


As Writer

Favorite iRiff groupsEdit

Other distinctionsEdit

  • Hatred of Michael Bay films. Most notably the Transformers movies.
  • Love of Joe Dante movies (except Looney Tunes: Back In Action).
  • He has a 2012 Prius with custom vinyl decals on the sides that depict the MST3K "shadowrama" along with silhouettes that represent Quiptracks, Cinester Theater, Turkey Shoot, and Hor-Riff-ic Productions.

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