Chevrolet Leader News (Episode 4)
OWC013 - Chevy Leader News Ep4
"Hey I'm on TV!" - Kevin
Riffed by OneWallCinema
Riffers Kevin & Kyle
Series None
Date Released November 12, 2016

Chevrolet Leader News (Episode 4) is a 2016 Video On Demand (VOD) short.

OneWallCinema released their fourth riff of "Chevrolet Leader News" in November 2016.

The news segment begins with a look at the latest in fashion trends. From the sunny beach we head north to look at things you can do in the winter for fun! The news put put puts along where we learn about a guy who travels a lot without getting anywhere. As if there wasn't enough information already crammed into this episode, Chevy jams another dog into an unfortunate spot in an automobile. Since that seemed a little too safe, they show us children teaching traffic safety classes, a glider built by high schoolers, and let an animal drive a car!

Synopsis and PreviewEdit

[Spoilers Begin]

IRiff Chevy Leader News Ep 4 promo01:41

IRiff Chevy Leader News Ep 4 promo

OneWallCinema: Chevrolet Leader News Episode 4

Episode 4 of Chevrolet Leader News (1936). Total runtime is 8 minutes 35 seconds.

[Spoilers End]

Cast and CrewEdit

  • None of note



  • Steve is still super dead.

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