Case Study: LSD & Vintage Commercials
OWC008 - Case Study LSD
"Someone call the Processed Meat Police!" - Kevin
Riffed by OneWallCinema
Riffers Kevin & Kyle
Series None
Date Released December 21, 2015

Case Study: LSD & Vintage Commercials is a 2015 Video On Demand (VOD) short.

OneWallCinema released their riff of Case Study: LSD as well as several vintage commercials in December 2015. The commercials primarily consist of vintage razor commercials which were originally intended to be part of the May 5th, 2015 Cinco De Mustache Shaving Spectacular. Unfortunately due to a severe computer crash immediately after the recording most of the audio files were lost. The group finally revisited the project in December.

Synopsis and PreviewEdit

[Spoilers Begin]

IRiff Case Study LSD & Vintage Commercials promo01:35

IRiff Case Study LSD & Vintage Commercials promo

OneWallCInema: Case Study: LSD & Vintage Commercials Promo

A compilation of a case study of LSD, vintage commercials from Remington, Norelco, Princes Beef Spread, Simon Pure Beer, Air-O-Zone. Total runtime is 10 minutes 12 seconds.

[Spoilers End]

Cast and CrewEdit

  • None of note



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