RiffTrax- Bill Smitrovich in ID4
Bill Smitrovich (born May 16, 1947) is a character actor who had recurring roles on shows such as "Crime Story", "Millennium" (with Lance Henriksen), "Nash Bridges" and "Without a Trace". He's guest-starred on two-parters for both "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (with Alexander Siddig) and "Criminal Minds". He has appeared in films such as Splash, Ghosts of Mississippi (with Whoopi Goldberg), Thirteen Days (with Tim Kelleher), Futuresport, the Ted movie franchise (with Patrick Stewart, Mark Wahlberg, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson) and The November Man.
RiffTrax- Bill Smitrovich in Iron Man (2008)

Characters PlayedEdit

  • Captain Watson
  • General Gabriel


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