Ben & Arthur
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Riffed by SRD's Movie Night
Riffers Dave Chadwick
Series None
Date Released October 12, 2015

Ben and Arthur is a 2002 American romantic drama film written, directed, produced, edited, scored by and starring Sam Mraovich, distributed by Ariztical Entertainment. The film concerns a recently married gay couple who face opposition from one of the partners' brother, who plots to murder them after being ostracized by his church. It has been called "the worst gay movie ever," "the worst movie ever" and "the gay version of The Room."

SRD's Movie Night is released a riff of the film in October 2015.

Full RiffEdit

SRD's Movie Night 3 Ben & Arthur01:25:06

SRD's Movie Night 3 Ben & Arthur

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Sam Mraovich as Arthur Sailes
  • Jamie Brett Gabel as Ben Sheets
  • Michael Haboush as Victor Sailes
  • Bill Hindley as Father Rabin
  • Julie Belknap as Tammy Sheets
  • Gina Aguilar as The Attorney
  • Arthur Huber as Justin Abraham
  • Oto Brezina as Priest
  • Richard Hitchcock as Stan
  • Bruce Lurie as Detective Moreen
  • Buck Elkin as Bar Owner
  • Nick Bennet as Scott
  • Loretta Altman as Mildread



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