Seth "SJP" Paul is the creator of the One Man Band riff group and its only permanent member.

Background Edit

Though born in Maryland (and spending a few childhood years in Indiana), Seth considers Michigan home. A very formative moment during that childhood involved spending the summer of '95 in an apartment watching Comedy Central most of the day, during which time a little show named Mystery Science Theater 3000 was watched with regularity. That affection for the comedy show making fun of all the old movies has continued to this day.

The One Man Band project began in 2009. Upon seeing Rifftrax had put out a contest for iRiffers, Seth joined up and, in the space of a week, wrote, recorded, and edited his first iRiff, "An American Werewolf in Paris," and submitted it to the site for the contest. Although it didn't make the finals, the riff, though exhausting, was an experience worth doing, and subsequently, more riffs followed. As of November 2015, Seth has written and co-written 18 riff tracks, consisting of 15 full-length movies (with one VOD containing a short) and three non-sequential chapters of Riffing Serial Projects.

When not writing riffs (which is a lot of the time), Seth spends time with his wife, his dogs, his friends, and writing. He has a comedy novella, Jack Alan and the Case of the Not-Exactly Rocket Scientists, has a sequel to it in the works, and is also editing a larger, currently untitled fantasy novel that is a large departure from his typically comedic stuff.

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